Harvesting Hope

Harvesting Hope
Who we are

Harvesting Hope is part of the rehabilitative social recreation program hosted at Peace Ranch.

Harvesting Hope is a skills based program that is meant to teach individuals living with mental health concerns to plant, harvest, prepare and preserve food as well as practical skills such as couponing, budgeting, and navigating the grocery store as a way to address the issues of food security faced by this group.

Who we serve

Harvesting Hope is a program geared toward people…

  • Experiencing mental health challenges
  • Living on fixed incomes
  • Living in the Peel region
  • Who face barriers to food security
  • Who may be accessing food banks
  • Who have a measure of independence
  • Who have some self-motivation
  • Who are interested in becoming more self-reliant
  • Who are interested in improving their physical and mental health and wellbeing
  • Enhancement of existing skills around food production and healthy eating
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Improved sense of food security
  • Improved access to sources of nutritious and fresh food
  • Decreased need to access community food banks
  • Opportunity to socialize and build relationships
  • Opportunity to deepen understanding about the link between healthy eating and wellbeing
  • Opportunity to be inspired and to access creative outlets in the garden and the kitchen
  • “Harvesting Hope taught me how to preserve food, and how to make food go a long way so that I can use it in the future. We have learned different food types and mostly prepared classical dishes along with Ethnic foods which further our ideas of what healthy choices we can make.” – Harvesting Hope participant
  • “In the Harvesting Hope program I really enjoy the meals. I like preparing them and eating healthy. I learned how to cook Asian cuisine, how to poach eggs and make different kinds of pasta. I am learning how to cook for myself, how to harvest the food I grow and how to plan meals for the week so that I do not overspend. My meals are cheaper and healthier. I like to interact and cook with others in my group. I enjoy the suggestions that other people make, which give me ideas.” – Harvesting Hope participant
  • “I have really enjoyed coming to the program. It has made me realize new meal ideas. Plus, I feel able to lose weight, eat healthy and can afford proper meals. I know some portion sizes and find new ways to maintain good health.” – Harvesting Hope participant

Peace Ranch

Peace Ranch provides supportive housing and rehabilitative programs for adults who have serious mental illnesses, enabling them to live and work in a community atmosphere.

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