Animal Program

Animal Program

Every Wednesday and Thursday Peace Ranch provides opportunities to connect to any of our many adorable barnyard friends.

This program includes animal education, husbandry, safe animal handling, cart driving, animal health, breeding and more. Clients are able to build relationships, increase self-esteem and confidence while experiences a sense of responsibility and self worth.

The program also includes learning about farming and what it takes to keep a healthy, clean living space for the animals.

Every Friday afternoon Peace Ranch offers an “Animal Education” program.  Participants may inform themselves about any animal of their choice.  Photos, videos and games are often used to help make the program fun and educational.  Participants are encouraged to do their own research and work towards leading their own animal education sessions, where they can share any information, stories or photos which they have gathered.  This program is a fun way to meet others who share similar interests while at the same time improving confidence, leadership and self-esteem.  It is augmented by trips to the barn to bond with the animals and to strengthen animal handling skills in a safe environment.

Breeding Program

Peace Ranch runs an animal breeding program where certain animals are bred each year. This allows people to experience the joys of life and begin relationships with an animal right from birth. Clients learn about gestation, prenatal care, labour and delivery, and how to properly care for new born animals. The animals involved in the breeding program include rabbits, sheep, goats and alpacas.

Sponsor An Animal

Caring for animals is hard work and a 24/7 job. Peace Ranch offers anyone the chance to help support any, or all of the animals that make our therapeutic animal program possible. Any donations collected will be used for providing food, vet care (ie:vaccinations, emergency care etc), sheering, trimming or anything else our animals need to stay healthy and happy so they may continue to help assisting those in need.

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Peace Ranch provides supportive housing and rehabilitative programs for adults who have serious mental illnesses, enabling them to live and work in a community atmosphere.

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