AccessibilityPeace Ranch is committed to making our website accessible for everyone. The following features are available:

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Enlarge the website font by selecting the font size tool in the top right corner of each page.

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Select your preferred language in the top right corner of each page. Please note, this is a Google Translate plugin that may not translate with 100% accuracy.

Additional Elements

  1. Alt tags have been added to all images for screen reading technology.
  2. Colour contrast meets WCAG AA standards.
  3. CAPTCHAS, time limits and blinking images are not used on the site.

Text To Speech

Highlight any text found on the site to have it read aloud to you.

All content on the Peace Ranch website is available in alternative formats. Requests can be made by emailing

Peace Ranch

Peace Ranch provides supportive housing and rehabilitative programs for adults who have serious mental illnesses, enabling them to live and work in a community atmosphere.

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Phone: (905) 584-9156
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